Exceptional on-farm
veterinary care for

Preventative and Wellness Care for Beef and Dairy Herds

  • Customized Vaccination Protocols
  • Johnes Risk Assessment and Prevention
  • BVD Surveillance
  • Bio-Security Review
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Health Certificates

Reproduction Care

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Controlled Breeding Programs

  • Ovsynch/CIDR

Heifer/Lactating Cow

  • Performance Records
  • Monitoring

Dairy Consulting

Facility and Cow Comfort Evaluations/Lameness Screening

Milk Quality Evaluations

  • Milker Routine and Protocols
  • Teat End Scoring and Hygiene Reviews
  • Stall and Cow Hygiene Scoring
  • Team Training
  • Contagious Mastitis, Bio-Security, and Control
  • Effective Treatment Protocols


  • Newborn Protocols and Routines
  • Pneumonia and Scour Prevention
  • In-House Intensive Care for Scouring Calves
  • Colostrum Management
  • Treatment protocols
  • Pasteurizer Quality Control


Bovine Emergency Care

Our veterinarians provide 24-hour on-call emergency care for your cattle.

Bovine Billing Policies

We accept cash and check at time of service, monthly billing, or a credit card number can be applied to your account and billed the 10th of every month.

Country Doctors comes out to my farm and I bring my dog to the clinic as well. It's always a great experience with the best care and kind staff.

Ashley Lee