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Fern's July 2010 Newsletter

Hello Everyone!  A lot has been going on at the clinic lately.  I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to up date everyone, and I do apologize for that. 


First, and foremost, I want to welcome two more people to the Country Doctors team.  Dr. Todd Berry joined us in June, and we are keeping him busy around here!  Dr. Todd has an interest in many aspects of the veterinary field, so you’ll see him out in the country as well as in the clinic.  We look forward to Dr. Todd meeting all of you!  Erin joined the team in May, and is catching on quickly to the different aspects of the clinic.  She helps Holly out up front, so you’ll hear her voice often when you call in.


Now that I have you up to speed on the new faces you’ll be seeing around here I can tell you about the other exciting news!  We are now on Facebook!  Come visit me there!  They have tons of pictures of me, and the other ones too, they let you know about things going on, and give you tips also!  We are always looking for ways to expand and include our dedicated clients, so visit us there and share a picture or two of your pets-big or small!


We also have another 4 legged friend at our clinic.  Remi is a 5 month old Dachshund/Yorkie mix, and she is looking for a new home.  She has to wear a cast for 3 more weeks because she broke some of her toes, but then she should be good as new!  She is a very happy, energetic puppy so please someone come and adopt her so all the attention can come back to me!


Well, I think that is all for now.  Stop in to say Hi to the new faces around here, and to see the flowers.  They are so beautiful this time of year!  Don’t forget to find us on Facebook!  Until later!